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 Karai Kyoto [EDITED]

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Karai Kyoto

Karai Kyoto

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PostSubject: Karai Kyoto [EDITED]   Karai Kyoto [EDITED] Icon_minitimeWed Jan 07, 2015 2:13 pm

Name: Karai Kyoto

Species: Mutant

Gender Identity: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Race: Japanese

Date of Birth: 1/05/1998

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

General Information (Public Relation)


-Sub-Team (X-Men Exclusive): N/A

School Role (X-Men Exclusive): Student

Alias(es): Kyoto, Karai-Chan, Kari

(Attach uniform as file)

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'3

Weight: 120 lbs

Eye color: Golden/Amber with a tint of blue, a notable feature of her face

Hair color: Long, Jagged, Raven Black with a red streak in the front

Body type: Ectomorph

Unique Markings: Tattoo on the side of her neck of an ‘X’, large tattoos on her back of birds. She has an odd birthmark on her chest. [if any of u try to see it i will cut u]

Powers and Abilities

Main Mutation: Metal Control

Sub-Mutations: Can Shape Metal, Fling metal

Weaknesses: Plastic, water

Limitations: Can’t control too much metal at one time, will go unconscious or become weakened, occasionally has to be recharged

Possible Extensions: She will probably be able to do more with the metal over time.


History: Karai grew up in the slums in Tokyo, Japan. She stole food to survive, and didn’t know of her mutation until age five. She is supposedly orphaned and began to use her control of metal to help her steal. She received a letter about the X-Mansion and eventually decided to go there. Due to her harsh past, she tends to be rude and sarcastic, and brutally honest.
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Karai Kyoto [EDITED]
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