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 Harper Lee

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PostSubject: Harper Lee   Harper Lee Icon_minitimeTue Jul 22, 2014 8:47 pm

Name: Harper Augusta Lee

Appearance: Ginger Pixie Cut, Black Wayfarer glasses, Tall, Skinny, Always Smiling

Other Names: Harp

Titles: Apercevoir

Mutant powers: Time Manipulation, Precognition, Retrocognition, Illusionism

Alternate Forms: Light Red skin with Long Elf Ears

Theme Song: The Waltz of the Tick Tock of Time by Maia Vidal

Personal Characteristics: Accepting, Punctual, Organized, Careful, Gentle, Friendly, Open-Minded, and Logical

Birth Date: April 23, 1995

Birth Place: Vézénobres

Hometown: Vézénobres, a town in Gard, France

Death Date: N/A

Age at Death: N/A

Death Place: N/A

Resting Place: N/A

Manner of Death: N/A

Last Words: N/A

Primary Objective: Finding peace in-between humans and mutants

Secondary Objectives: Getting more friends, and a better lifestyle

Desires: Universal Peace

Secrets: None

Quirks: Sometimes will scream in French when angry

Mental Characteristics: Can hold up conversations with herself in her thoughts, always thinks about the past, and often cries at night

Known Languages: English, French, German

Lure: Can easily manipulate people, but decides not to just for their sake

Intelligence: Knows more than she wished she did

Ineptitude: No

Temperament: Laid-back. She never expresses herself, unless she comes to the point of crying furiously. Then she'll rant on about her worries

Hobbies: Sketching, Watching Movies, Playing the Accordion

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: Very attentive and intelligent

Linguistic: She can read and speak English at ease, most of the times. Fluent in French

Bodily-Kinesthetic: She has complete control over herself

Musical: Listens to Alternative Rock, Alternative Indie, and 8-Bit music

Interpersonal: Not too good, but still tries to be friendly. Somewhat sassy

Intrapersonal: Stable enough to get by

Naturalistic: Loves open meadows and vast landscapes

Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: Always good, unless she feels like people are making a bad decision (What divides your character's definition of good and bad?)

Perception: She doesn't understand why people always want more in life

Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: Universalism

Superstitions: None

Virtues: Patience, compassion and empathy

Vices: Can't handle it when people cry

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Playing the Toy Piano and Accordion, Listening to Alternative French music, Gardening, Lemons

Dislikes: Dubstep, Pop Music, Bitter-Sweet candy, Spicy food, Pollution


X-Men Uniform: Red Tailcoat, Black One Suit, Long Black Gloves, and Black Combat Boots

Wardrobe: T-Shirts for the following bands; Beatles, Queen, Nirvana, Maia Vidal, Alt-J, Coconut Records, and Lonely Drifter Karen. Tons of turtlenecks. Pastel Shirts, Pastel Shorts, and Pastel Converse. Long Black Boots, and Pastel Fedoras. Tall Pastel Striped Socks.

Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: Is able to hold it together in stressful situations, but cries easily

Humor: Dry, Witty Humor

Reputation: Not too popular, but known

Status: Unsocial, has a few close friends

School and Work

Degrees: Doctor's degree

Education: College graduate

School: Grew up on a farm before moving to Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Study Habits: Studies only when it's a test that counts

Learning Type: Memorization, Flash Cards, Repeating the same thing out loud to keep it in her memory

Occupation: Student Teacher (Studying to become Math Teacher)

Boss: Principle Shannon

Work Schedule: Weekdays

Income: None

Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: Mother, who accepted her. Father, who left when he found out she was a mutant at age 9.

Close Relatives: None

Distant Relatives: None

Ancestors: None

Allies: The X-Men

Enemies: The Brotherhood, The Hellfire Club

Friends: None

Heroes: Kitty Pryde

Pets: None

Rivals: None

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'7

Weight: 127 lbs.

Nationality/Species: Human, Caucasian

Skin color: Pale

Hair Color: Ginger

Hair Length: Short, Pixie Cut

Eye Color: Light Green

Scars: None

Tattoos and piercings: None

Locomotion: Flexible, and very fast

Health and Fitness

Addictions: None

Handicaps: None

Sexual Characteristics

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Significant Other: None

Story Information

Archetypes: Creative, Advocate, Intellectual

Tropes and Clichés: The Closed Quiet Artist

Role: Advocate of Mutant and Human Rights

Significance: There to cheer up others, and help fight alongside them

Personality: Witty, Intellectual, Sarcastic

Personal Development

Personal: Got over the fact of her mother's death, and her father's abrupt exit from her life

Social: More open to conversations, makes more friends

Physical: Trained her powers to become stronger, learned how to throw knives, learned how to shoot a bow

Spiritual: Taught herself to meditate


Infancy: She grew up as an only child, and explored the vast valleys around her.

Childhood: As a child, she grew up on a farm in France. At age 9, her powers emerged. She told her parents, and her father left. Her mother raised her up, then decided it was best for Harper if she sent her to Charles' School For Gifted Youngsters.

Adolescence: After a year at Charles' School, her mother died back in France. She was grief-stricken with this news, and went into reclusion for around five months.
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Harper Lee
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