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 Violetta Info

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PostSubject: Violetta Info   Violetta Info Icon_minitimeTue Jul 22, 2014 7:27 am

Violetta info

Name: Violetta (no last name)
Appearance: Short hair, bangs covering half of one eye. Platinum blonde with a purple streak from her fringe to the side. Wears leather jackets, lather boots, leather fingerless gloves, and a black t-shirt with 'bite me!' In white lettering. She has black jeans, and wears a spiky collar necklace round her neck. She has the tops of her ears pierced twice on her left side, wearing a real silver dragon ear cuff on the other. Chain anklets, wears black eyeshadow, eyeliner and bright blood red lipstick. She has a massive tattoo of a pair of black angel wings on her back.
Other Names: None.
Titles: The Dark angel. Angel of death.
Mutant powers: Can grow a pair of black feathered wings from her tattoo on her back. She also has a powerful form of Telekinesis, so when she grows her wings she melds the atoms of her jacket around them.
Alternate Forms: None.
Theme Song: None.
Personal characteristics: very mysterious and secretive. No true friends in her heart, everybody is just in her mind.

Birth Date: A secret to everyone, though she is 20.
Birth Place: She does not know.
Hometown: A forest where she was left at the age of 3.

Death Date: N/A
Age at Death: N/A
Death Place: N/A
Resting Place: N/A
Manner of Death: N/A
Last Words: N/A

Primary Objective: To study happiness.
Secondary Objectives: Training her powers more.

Desires: Death.
Secrets: Everything.
Quirks: Her tattoos and piercings.
Mental Characteristics: Thinks deeply and emotionally, but doesn't say so.

Known Languages: English, Greek, Latin.
Lures: None.
Savvies: Brilliant gymnast. Loves hidden blades, they are in every pocket of her jacket, inside and out. Owns a black katana, has a special belt for it. Prefers making a black bow when fighting long range.
Ineptities: N/A
Temperament: If she is irritated, watch out. Stressed, then walk away.
Hobbies: Practicing with her powers or blades, practicing bow and arrow shooting skills. Using her katana.

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical: Extremely smart, hates when people are wrong or try and correct her when she is right.
Spatial: Black belt in Judo, pretty good at karate.
Linguistic: She can read and speak Latin, English and Greek easily and fluently.
Bodily-Kinesthetic: Her body movements are always precise and accurate.
Musical: Hates it.
Interpersonal: Dislikes people.
Intrapersonal: She doesn't realise her potential, she has to unlock it.
Naturalistic: Likes dark forests at night.
Existential: N/A

Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: "Who gives a damn?" She will say to that. (What divides your character's definition of good and bad?)
Perception: ?

Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: None.
Superstitions: None.
Virtues: Secrecy.
Vices: Uncompassionate, impatient.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Black, white, purple, dragons and Death.
Dislikes: People.

Apparel: Leather everything except pants. Wear black jeans. Piercing at the top of her ear on her left ear, black mini hoops, a real silver dragon cuff on the right ear.
Equipment: Blades she can hide. Her katana.
Wardrobe: Contains clothing that is black or leather.

Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: Tough as steel
Humor: Dark. Very dark.
Reputation: None.
Status: None.

School and Work

Degrees: None.
Education: Too smart for college.
School: None until she learned about the professor's school.
Study Habits: None.
Learning Type: By herself.

Occupation: Falcon trainer.
Work Schedule: Trains falcons.
Income: ?

Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: None.
Close Relatives: None.
Distant Relatives: None.
Ancestors: None.
Allies: Herself, Blake.
Enemies: Everyone else.
Friends: Blake.
Heroes: None.
Pets: A black falcon named Blake.
Rivals: None.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5.8' (1.76m)
Weight: 65, with wings 75.
Nationality/Species: Nothing interesting.
Skin colour: Practically white. .
Hair Colour: Platinum blonde with a purple streak.
Hair Length: Shorter than the top of her neck, bangs cover half of one eye. .
Eye Colour: Bright icy cold blue.
Wings length: 5m
Wings colour: Black
Scars: Small scars on her left hand from Blake sitting on her so often.
Tattoos and piercings: Tattoo on back of her wings. Two piercings on her left ear up high. One piercing on right ear for her dragon ear cuff, made of real silver.

Health and Fitness

Addictions: None.
Handicaps: None.

Sexual Characteristics

Gender: Female
Significant Other: None.

Story Information

Tropes and Clich├ęs:


Anima: She is very secretive and mysterious, never trusts anyone.
Persona: Doesn't care about anyone but herself and Blake.


Personal: Slowly begins to trust people.

Social: Talks to more people.

Physical: None.

Spiritual: Can go in her 'ghost form' more often.


Infancy: Can't remember her childhood. (What was you character's life like from age 0 to age 3?)

Childhood: Studied and expanded her powers. Taught herself to pickpocket and shoplift at age 12. (What was your character's life like from age 4 to age 12?)

Adolescence: Traveled round America as a pickpocket and thief. Learned about the school and decided to head there. (What was your character's life like from age 13 to age 19?)

Adulthood: She is currently 20.
(What was your character's life like from age 20 to age 54?)

Seniority: I don't know yet. (What was your character's life like from age 55 until death?)
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Violetta Info
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