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 Juliet Rose Cane

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PostSubject: Juliet Rose Cane   Juliet Rose Cane Icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2014 7:26 am

Juliet cane info

Name: Juliet Rose Cane
Appearance: Long strawberry blonde hair. Has heterochromia, one green eye one brown eye.
Other Names: Julie.
Titles: Spirit
Mutant powers: Has a special type of telepathy. It allows her to communicate with an alterante dimension called Annix. All the animals souls from earth, when they die, they go to Annix. Juliet can also bring Annix souls into this dimension, then brings them into her body, and transform into whatever animals they are. Annix is infinite, so there are millions of souls. She communicates with Annix on command and whenever she falls asleep. There are watcher souls, that she assigns, that can travel between earth and Annix freely, though only Juliet can see them. Only animals are allows in Annix, besides herself and animal hybrids, such as X, if they are in their animal form. She once spent too much time as a tiger named Robert, so she began to forge with him. Now she has a tiger tail and his voice in her head because of it.
Alternate Forms: All the animal souls from Annix.
Theme Song: Roar by Katy Perry.
Personal Characteristics: She was extremely shy but is working on her shyness.

Birth Date: 29/10/1992
Birth Place: Chicago
Hometown: Chicago, kind of Annix now.

Death Date: N/A
Age at Death: N/A
Death Place: N/A
Resting Place: N/A
Manner of Death: N/A
Last Words: N/A

Primary Objective: Peace in Annix.
Secondary Objectives: Getting her shyness worked out. Forgetting the problems with her mum. Forgetting her sisters death, or working around it.

Desires: Happiness.
Secrets: Death doesn't worry her.
Quirks: Her tiger tail.
Mental Characteristics: Extremely shy. Better slightly.

Known Languages: English, Animal.
Lures: None.
Savvies: Brilliant gymnast. Prefers no weapons.
Ineptities: N/A
Temperament: Calm. No one can tell when she is stressed, though it can come out as a shout if someone irritates her when she is stressed already.
Hobbies: Drawing Animals and Annix.

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: Very attentive and smart.
Spatial: Okay at it.
Linguistic: She can read and speak easily and fluently.
Bodily-Kinesthetic: She controls her body easily except for her tail, which technically isn't hers anyway.
Musical: Listens to sad music often. She relates.
Interpersonal: Usually finds friends using friends she already has.
Intrapersonal: She doesn't completely undertake herself due to childhood trauma.
Naturalistic: Is one with nature and animals. Prefers nature and trees to houses.
Existential: N/A

Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: Always good. Mostly follows orders but can stand up for herself if he feels it is wrong. (What divides your character's definition of good and bad?)
Perception: ?

Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: None.
Superstitions: None.
Virtues: Patience, compassion and empathy.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Animals, Annix, nature.
Dislikes: Dead animals, bad Annix souls, deforestation.

Apparel: Long sleeved tight shirts. Black leather jacket. Black jeans, black boots. Fingerless gloves, leather. Like to wear protective clothing.
Equipment: Meditating books, helps her become one with Annix more.
Wardrobe: Contains clothing that is black or leather. For happy days she had short jean shorts and tank tops.

Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: Breaks down easier than others.
Humor: She enjoys jokes that aren't depressing or gross.
Reputation: Every soul in Annix worships her.
Status: Blends in easily. Doesn't usually get noticed.

School and Work

Degrees: Regular college degree.
Education: College graduate.
School: Schooled at a school in Chicago before moving to Professor Xavier's school for gifted youngsters.
Study Habits: None.
Learning Type: ?

Occupation: Vet trainee.
Boss: A vet?
Work Schedule: Studies animals behaviour, how they react to pills or how they act when injured or ill.
Income: ?

Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: Mother, who hates mutants. Father who doesn't mind. Mutant loving sister Ashley who died.
Close Relatives: Her mother says, 'my family will not be rotted by her mutant blood!'
Distant Relatives: Her mother says, 'my family will not be rotted by her mutant blood!'
Ancestors: None he has been told of.
Allies: Souls of Annix.
Enemies: Nad souls of Annix. Animals Hunters.
Friends: Ximena Dawn.
Heroes: None.
Pets: A Maine Coon named Rarity. Not a soul.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6.0' (1.828m)
Weight: 60kg
Nationality/Species: Nothing interesting.
Skin colour: Very pale.
Hair Color: Strawberry blonde.
Hair Length: Down to her hips.
Eye Color: One green, one brown.
Tail Length: 60cm.
Tail Color: Orange with black stripes.
Scars: Small scar on left shoulder.
Tattoos and piercings: Secret tattoo on her hip of Robert. No piercings.

Health and Fitness

Addictions: None.
Handicaps: None.

Sexual Characteristics

Gender: Female
Significant Other: No one, she hardly talks to anyone.

Story Information

Tropes and Clich├ęs:


Anima: She acts very secretive and shy.
Persona: She hardly talks to anyone, except X and a few others.


Personal: Begins to let go of her sister who died.

Social: Becomes less shy.

Physical: None.

Spiritual: Gains more control of Annix.


Infancy: It was a happy and ordinary life with her little sister Ashely. (What was you character's life like from age 0 to age 3?)

Childhood: Sister died when Juliet was 8, traumatised her. Powers emerged at age 11. What was your character's life like from age 4 to age 12?)

Adolescence: Became depressed and even more traumatised form the pills her mutant having mother for her to take. They didn't work anyway. Then her father out her in the school so she would be safe from her mother. (What was your character's life like from age 13 to age 19?)

Adulthood: She is currently 21
(What was your character's life like from age 20 to age 54?)

Seniority: I don't know yet. (What was your character's life like from age 55 until death?)
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Juliet Rose Cane
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