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 Mark Zeplinberg and Kash

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MarkZeplinberg And Kash

MarkZeplinberg And Kash

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PostSubject: Mark Zeplinberg and Kash   Mark Zeplinberg and Kash Icon_minitimeSun Jul 20, 2014 1:11 pm

Affiliation: None
Full Name: Mark Morpheus Zeplinberg
Codename (Optional): Kenesis
Nicknames: Porter, Kenesis, Morpheus, Zeplin

Current Age: 14
Date of Birth: 13/07/03
Registered with S.H.I.E.L.D.?: No
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Known Relatives*: Jonathon Zeplinberg (Porter), Sony Zeplinberg

Physical Appearance: Tanish skin, always wearing gloves, and steampunk goggles
Height: 5'11
Weight: 135
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Dark
Distinguishing Marks: Scar on body
Uniform: Spandex, with trench coat

Powers*: Psi-porting, Tekekinesis. Kash: Mind wandering
General Description*: He is a normal averge guy, if you count, having a voice inside your body normal.
Weaknesses: Radiation

Other: None
History: He suffers from ADHD and short term memory
Sample RP Post: Mark looks up from his bed, first day of 5th grade, "Wonderful..." He gets out of bed, dresses, eats ceral, and boards the bus, he sits next to his best friend and they begin to talk.
Finally the bus makes it to the school. Mark and his friend get off the bus and begin walking. Mark getting bored rest on the car. As soon as he makes contact his eyes flash and he goes inside them and gasp, the car starts
and Mark jumps up, his mind leaves the car "Woah! This guys car is buggy! No wonder you gasped, you felt it rumble!" His friend says. "Just lets keep walking Joseph." Mark says.
When they get inside, they are bombbarded by 3 people "Well well! Its Zeplin, and Murkolph." The first one says Joseph looks at Mark and runs. Mark tries to follow but it grabbed. "No escaping the fun!" The second one says.
He throws him down and they begin kicking him "Hahaha! I thought he was a Zeplin ship, and he could fly away!" The third one says. Mark grabs his leg and pulls it making him fall. He gets up and the third one grabs him up and begins punching him.
"STOP!" Mark screams out in anger and pain. "Hahaha!" He wants the pain to stop! What are you gonna do? Pop?" Mark struggles more and kicks and screams. Mark think 'Why aren't teachers coming?' Mark struggles more, then suddenly...
Mark turns into dust and appears behind them and his hands shake, and his eyes flash and they all fly back. A teacher finally comes "DID YOU DO THIS MARK!" "DID HE DO THIS?" She yells at Mark and the students. They just stare in Awe, -2 month later-
Mark knocks on the entrance of this strange mansion...Is this a school? Why did they suddenly want him...Someone opens the door "Oh a new student."
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Mark Zeplinberg and Kash
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