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A simple, yet fun X-Men roleplay. Custom made characters, feel free to join!
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 Brooke Robbins

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Name: Brooke Jamie Robbins
Age: 18
Gender: Girl
Powers: Self-Duplicatoin
Background info: She was born in small-town Pleasanton, California. Brooke lived in a steady household with two parents and a younger brother. Finding out she was adopted on the day of her 18th birthday, she decided to move out. Shortly after that, she began partying with a bunch of other friends. Once, she woke up with others in her room. But, they looked the exact same as her. Figuring out she had powers, she decided to figure it out herself, causing mischief throughout her way.
Personality: Mischievous, tricky, at times guilty, rude.
Other names: Brookie, Jamie, Jamestor, James, B, Robbins.
Face claim: Alexandra Daddario
Affiliations: Lone, comes across the X-Men every now and then.
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Brooke Robbins
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