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 Adrian Waters

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Adrian Waters

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PostSubject: Adrian Waters   Adrian Waters Icon_minitimeSat Feb 21, 2015 5:56 pm

Name: Adrian Waters
Species: Mutant
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Race: Caucasian Brit
Date of Birth: May 3rd, 1994
Birthplace: Wales, United Kingdoms, Europe

Affiliation: X-Men, Himself
School Role (X-Men Exclusive): None

Physical Characteristics
Height: 5'9
Weight: 126.4 LBs
Eye color: Greenish Blue
Hair color: Ash blonde
Body type: Average
Unique Markings: Scar on forearm carved as a wolf.

Powers and Abilities
Main Mutation: Shadow Matter
Sub-Mutations: Understanding all languages
Paraphernalia: None
Weaknesses: Cannot use shadow matter in daylight
Limitations: can only have one shadow object, and can only sustain it for 15 minutes
Possible Extensions: Longer duration
size of object

History: Adrian is the bastard son of a noble family somewhere in Europe, where his family was a proud Anti-Mutant Follower. So it came to no surprise to what happened to Adrian when his powers Revealed themselves. He was kicked out of the house and the city, where he had no choice but to join a mercenary company of mutants, called "The Wolves of Honor", and every member has to have a wolf carved on their arm. One day, his company was tricked into a Anti-Mutant ambush, where he alone survived. He later stowed away to a ship to America, hoping for a better home there than his home in Europe. When he arrived, his situation worsened with Anti-Mutant guards everywhere, almost hunting him down everywhere he went. He now doesn't trust anyone he meets.
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Adrian Waters
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