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 Kris Youngblood

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Kris Youngblood

Kris Youngblood

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PostSubject: Kris Youngblood   Kris Youngblood Icon_minitimeSat May 10, 2014 1:46 am

Character name: Kris Youngblood
Age: 18
Side (Brotherhood, X-Men, independent, etc.): X-Men, Avengers
Human or mutant: Mutant
Powers: Manifesting Machines; Techonpathy
Background information: Born in Maui, Hawaii, in a relationship with Colin Wagner, and her grandfather is Rex Salazar.
Face claim: Nina Dobrev

Example of RP (3-4 paragraphs):

I wandered around the city. I stuffed my hands into my jean pockets. It’s been two days since my mother kicked me out of the house. So much for a ‘positive’ outcome. I told my parents about my… ‘abilities’. I suppose they aren’t exactly a good thing. I hated them. It feels as if everything bad happened when I found about them. Colin disappeared a week before, my parents disowned me, and now I’m left with literally nothing.

I’ve managed to get around, stealing only what I needed, nothing more. Sometimes, electronics go off when I’m around. I found out it was my powers’ doing. I sighed. I went to the beach often. The drifting water calmed me. If I ever needed to cry, I’d hide in the drainage pipes. That happened a lot, so I usually sneaked into public restrooms and cleaned up.

I sat on the sandy beach, poking a hermit crab. A ship had arrived recently, and many people boarded off of it. I felt as if someone was staring at me. I grabbed a coconut, which had fallen behind me. My hand turned into a orange and black knife item, connected to my arm by wires and screws. I cut open the coconut, and my hand reverted back to normal.

Of course, someone WAS staring at me. He approached me, saying, “You really shouldn’t do that in public.” He and some other people who came off the ship called me a ‘mutant’. They explained, and I was welcomed into the misfit family.

I’m Kris Youngblood, and I’m an X-Men.
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Kris Youngblood
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