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 Damion Windler

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General Information (Personal)
Name: Damion Windler

Species: Vampire

Gender Identity: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Race: Caucasian

Date of Birth: 4/13/1754

Birthplace: Andersonville

Physical Characteristics
Height: 6'2

Weight: 140

Eye color: Pale Blue

Hair color: Black

Body type: Average, muscular.

Unique Markings:

Main Supernatural Ability: Vampirism?

Secondary Ability: uh

Weakness: Sunlight, Vervain, stake through the heart

Strength: Blood


History: The Windler's were once a strong family of vampires. Damion had to kill nearly all of them, including his brother, to save the woman he loved. Who ended up dying anyway. For over two hundred years, he has been alone, traveling from country to country, state to state. Ending up back in his home, Andersonville Georgia. Where he now resides in the old family mansion that is more of a museum than a home.
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Damion Windler
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