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 Brianna Reid

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Brianna Reid

Brianna Reid

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Name: Brianna Katherine Reid
Appearance: Blonde shoulder-length hair, usually frizzled or straightened, green eyes, light-tan.
Age: 17
Power(s): Superspeed
Weakness(es): Guilt,
Affiliations: Lone, the Brotherhood
Personality: Sarcastic, jittery, straightforward.
Backstory: She grew up in L.A., California, in a some-what deserted part of town in a town-house. Brianna discovered her powers when she was 13, while running at a track-meet. After keeping her powers hidden for nearly three years (not to mention encountering anti-mutant groups) and her parents becoming both unemployed, she turned to stealing things to support her parents, whom soon became rich off of investing in a friends' company. She ran away shortly after, due to her parents ignoring her for a couple of months. Then, Brianna encountered the Brotherhood, whom she decided to stick with, as she thought the X-Men were "stuck-up losers".
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Brianna Reid
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