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 Dante Aufiero

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Dante Aufiero

Dante Aufiero

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PostSubject: Dante Aufiero   Dante Aufiero Icon_minitimeSat May 10, 2014 11:48 am

Name: Dante Aufiero
Appearance: (avatar)
Other Names: Nightmare (codename)
Titles: none
Alternate Forms: nonnnne
Theme Song: Enter Sandman - Metallica

Personal Characteristics

Birth Date: 1995, March 14th.
Birth Place: Aversa, Italy
Hometown: Aversa, Italy

Primary Objective: idfk
Secondary Objectives: idfk

Desires: Love
Secrets: idfk
Quirks: Personality

Mental Characteristics

Known Languages: Italian, English, Latin
Lures: Love, friendship
Savvies: Scaring others
Ineptities: When something is not funny
Temperament: Choleric
Hobbies: Soccer

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: Extremely well
Spatial: Extremely well
Linguistic: Well
Bodily-Kinesthetic: OK
Musical: Well
Interpersonal: Very well
Intrapersonal: Well
Naturalistic: Well
Existential: OK

Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: Realism
Perception: Realistically

Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: Christianity
Superstitions: Bad luck and good luck
Virtues: Diligence, Patience, Kindness
Vices: Pride, Envy

Supernatural Characteristics

Ability: Able to induce fear or nightmares on to an enemy in the form of Visions or thoughts. Can lead to Paranoia and trick enemies to attack their own allies.
Element: Mental
Strengths: Extremely mentally stable. Can defend over mental attacks.
Weaknesses: Not as adept at fighting physically, although still able to defend himself.
Restrictions: Only able to use his power 2 or 3 times before he is too weak to do so anymore. One use only lasts about 10 - 15 minutes.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Scary movies, nightmares, darkness.
Dislikes: Bright lights, Comedy movies.


Equipment: Combat knife.
Wardrobe: Formal

Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: Extremely stable
Reputation: A little bit creepy, funny.
Status: Average / little bit creepy.

School and Work

Degrees: None
Education: Up to Highschool
School: (adasd)
Study Habits: Almost every free night.
Learning Type: Visual

Occupation: None
Boss: Colin Wagner
Work Schedule: none
Income: Just money he earns, rest is supplied by Xavier's School.

Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: Sister- still in Italy. Father and Mother - still in Italy. Father is a mutant.
Close Relatives: None
Distant Relatives: None
Ancestors: Titus Livius

Allies: XMEN
Enemies: Brotherhood of Mutants
Followers: none
Friends: none yet
Heroes: Edgar Allen Poe
Pets: none
Rivals: none

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 247 pounds
Nationality/Species: Italian, human
Skin/Fur Color: Caucasian / tan
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Blue
Scars: Long wavy scar across his abdomen from a childhood injury.
Tattoos and Piercings: None

Health and Fitness

Addictions: None
Handicaps: None

Sexual Characteristics

Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Significant Other: None

Story Information

Archetypes: (wat)
Tropes and Clich├ęs: (asdasd)
Role: Hero/mutant
Significance: Medium


Anima: Happy, humorous
Persona: Angry, distant.


Personal: wat

Social: wat

Physical: wat

Spiritual: wat


Infancy: Great

Childhood: Great

Adolescence: Great

Adulthood: Difficult, but good.

Seniority: Haven't reached the age.
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Dante Aufiero
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