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 Černobog Nikolayevich Zolnerowish / Cerberus

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PostSubject: Černobog Nikolayevich Zolnerowish / Cerberus   Černobog Nikolayevich Zolnerowish / Cerberus Icon_minitimeSat May 10, 2014 10:59 am

Name: Černobog Nikolayevich Zolnerowish
Appearance: Extremely white pale skin after many years in Russia. Stocky, broad shoulders, massive feet. Muscular.
Other Names: Cerberus, Cherno
Titles: None
Alternate Forms: Takes strong enhancement medications to boost Physical attributes and abilities in battle
Theme Song: The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

Personal Characteristics

Birth Date: 1990, June 19th.
Birth Place: Pskov, Russia
Hometown: Pskov, Russia

Primary Objective: Destroying those who killed his Mother. (Humans/Russian Government/Russian Health Care)
Secondary Objectives: Serving those who he is paid by/works for.

Desires: Friendship
Secrets: The small group of Mutants slowly growing in Russia
Quirks: Ability to inflict fear through confidence and sheer ability

Mental Characteristics

Known Languages: Russian, English, Latin, French
Lures: Vengeance
Savvies: Hunting (humans), firearms, melee fighting.
Ineptities: Apologies / sorrow
Temperament: Choleric
Hobbies: Martial Arts / MMA

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: Well
Spatial: Very well
Linguistic: OK
Bodily-Kinesthetic: Extremely well
Musical: OK
Interpersonal: Well
Intrapersonal: OK
Naturalistic: OK
Existential: Well

Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: Realism
Perception: Realistically

Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: Atheism
Superstitions: People do not change over time
Virtues: Patience, Justice
Vices: Wrath, Pride

Supernatural Characteristics

Ability: Aura Perception
Strengths: Self reliance, loyalty, ability
Weaknesses: Powerful lights, pride
Restrictions: Physical ability is reliant on his Human side, causing him to use enhancement drugs

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Joseph Stalin, Sun Tzu, alcohol
Dislikes: Most Humans, lack of persistence, lack of loyalty


Equipment: Firearms, blades, syringes.
Wardrobe: Militaristic

Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: Not stable what-so-ever. Strong on outside, weak on inside
Humor: None
Reputation: Brute, evil, murderer
Status: Evil

School and Work

Degrees: None
Education: Judo, MMA, Karate, Russian kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing
School: None
Study Habits: Little
Learning Type: Kinesthetic

Occupation: Mercenary
Boss: Alan/The Brotherhood/The Highest Bidder
Work Schedule: 7 days a week
Income: $10,000 per civilian kill, negotiated price on anything higher

Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: Father - alive, whereabouts unknown | Mother- passed | Sister- mutant, whereabouts unknown
Close Relatives: None known
Distant Relatives: None known
Ancestors: Mikhail Annenkov

Allies: The Brotherhood of Mutants
Enemies: Russian Government
Followers: None
Friends: Alan
Heroes: Joseph Stalin
Pets: None
Rivals: Jeremiah

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'3 (190 cm)
Weight: 284 (128.82 kg)
Nationality/Species: Russian
Skin/Fur Color: Pale white
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Very short
Eye Color: Piercing blue
Tail Length: none
Tail Color: none
Scars: Across chin and bottom lip
Tattoos and Piercings: Tattoo over right shoulder

Health and Fitness

Addictions: Enhancement medications / pills.
Handicaps: Enhancement medication leaves him weak and tired afterwards. Vision has been affected from an injury to his face.

Sexual Characteristics

Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Significant Other: None

Story Information

Archetypes: (wat)
Tropes and Clichés: Beaten eventually
Role: Villain
Significance: Medium


Anima: Prideful / angry
Persona: Talks of others, changes the conversation's topic onto others.


Personal: (wat)

Social: (wat)

Physical: (wat)

Spiritual: (wat)


Infancy: Good

Childhood: Progressively worse

Adolescence: Terrible

Adulthood: Better (bad)
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Černobog Nikolayevich Zolnerowish / Cerberus
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